An Architectural spa is installed as a permanent feature; either set into the ground or contained within a built-up structure.
All Architectural spas utilise a separate working-components system which can be installed in a remote location to the spa.
Architectural Spas in SpainWe would recommend that you seek advice from your local Spaform sales and service centre prior to making any decisions about how to approach designing your dream installation.
There are some factors to consider, but you will find that the extra effort required is far outweighed by the visual impact and unparalleled satisfaction to be gained from a professionally installed, permanent spa.
Whether you are an end customer who is considering an Architectural spa for your own private use, or a leisure centre complex contemplating diversifying into the world of spas, Spaform has the solution for you.
All Cascade, Original and Premium Architectural spas are available in three component-system options designed either for continuous, regular or occasional use.