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Our Swimspas feature a large open pool equipped with a Swimjet, a large, variable flow, fully-adjustable jet designed specifically to counteract the force of a swimmer swimming against the flow.

The effect is simple; swimming against the jet creates a perpetual-motion effect where the swimmer stays relatively stationary but is able to swim an infinite number of lengths continuously.

There is ample space to practice most swimming strokes and freestyle- not to mention just to have fun!

This spa also features a seated-end which is completely separated from the swim-area, has its own touchpad-controls and light; the user is also able to select different water temperatures for the separate areas of their spa.
El Swimspa es una piscina equipada con un jet especialmente diseñado para hacer ejercicios de entrenamiento acuáticos; para contrarrestar la fueza de un nadador nadando contra corriente.
Este spa único de doble uso le ofrece la posibilidad de entrenar en la temperatura y fluyo constantes de Swimjet y relajarse a continuación en el cálido y relajante spa de hidroterapia. Disfrute del ejercicio acuático y del lujo de un spa.

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