If you are considering buying a Hot Tub or Spa then some research should be carried out.

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Buying a Hot Tub or Spa?

The idea behind a spa is that the body be submerged in water at body temperature and , hence, producing a feeling of well being.

But to say a Spa is a Spa could prove very costly.

Things that you should look out for before buying:
The running costs of your spa.
How powerful is the heater? This can influence not only the running costs but also the installation possibilities. Many houses or apartments may have a minimum of power coming in.
The amount of jets per pump is very important, a large number of jets on one pump will actually give you less Hydrotherapy not more.the jet configuration can be of importance as well.
Does the Spa or Hot Tub have an air system? if so can this be diverted into the water jets system. Does it also have aromatherapy attached, all these things can add to your enjoyment.
The overall weight and thickness of the acrylic must also be considered. Spas, in the way that they are formed, could develop blistering or cracking if not formed correctly.
Does your Spa have any form of self chemical dosing and you should note if there is any ozone generator attached. Ozone can reduce chemical usage up to 90%.
What is included with your Spa?, some of the “ Extras” that are often priced separately are: covers, steps, cover caddys, spa cleaning equipment and chemicals to say nothing of delivery and correct electrical installation.
We at HYDROSPA MARBELLA have been importing spas from the UK for 26 years.

We not only supply the spas but also maintain, service them. Our technical department, before any purchase is considered, will do a site survey to asses the load bearing, electrical requirements and access to the site.

All this is undertaken with no obligation whatsoever.